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Les Ateliers

Birthing Brilliance in Paris

In 1996, amidst the romantic vibrance of Levallois, Paris, a pioneering cosmetic chemist ignited the spark of World of Luxe.

Driven by a compelling vision, he crafted distinct products for discerning clients from an independent workshop—the first of its kind in cosmetic chemistry.

Brand Illumination in La Defense, Paris

By 2002, World of Luxe extended its luminous influence to La Defense, the dynamic heart of Parisian enterprise.

We integrated our expertise in branding with unique formula creation, offering holistic support to rising entrepreneurs.

Elegance Amplified at Champs Elysées

The tale unfolds in 2008 as we embraced the iconic allure of Champs Elysées.

With this strategic relocation, we engraved our signature on the heart of French beauty, heralding a promising era of refined innovation.

Transatlantic Triumph

In 2016, our narrative crossed the Atlantic, symbolizing our expanding global influence.

With an office established in New York and a factory in Atlanta by 2019, we infused global cosmetics with a taste of Parisian elegance.

Nature's Bounty Unleashed

Our commitment to quality and innovation shines in our expanded natural ingredients database.

We offer our clients an array of exquisite ingredients, echoing our steadfast commitment to sustainable beauty.

A significant milestone was our enhanced natural ingredients database.

We ensured our clients had access to exceptional ingredients, encapsulating our dedication to sustainability, quality, and innovation.

Guidance, Partnership, Collaboration

At World of Luxe, we transcend the role of mere providers—we embody the roles of guide, partner, and collaborator.

We empower brands to etch their unique identity in the cosmetics landscape, luxuriating in the privilege of exclusivity.

Parisian Passion, Global Impact

Our journey, sparked in the enchanting streets of Paris, now radiates across the globe.

*Blue: procurement - Green: office/lab

The World of Luxe story reverberates in the triumph of every brand we touch—our unwavering dedication to their palpable evolution.

Cultivating Success, Nurturing Dreams

The saga of World of Luxe is an orchestration of ambition, determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Each chapter mirrors our founder's dream—once cradled in Paris and now echoing across continents, personified in our mantra: "Dedicated to Your Success."